100 Seeds, Rue Herb (Ruta graveolens) Seeds By Seed Needs

Bushy habit is ideal for short hedges or borders. Pungent aroma. Limited culinary use due to strong bitter flavor. Medicinal: Warming herb primarily used as an antispasmodic. CAUTION: Can be toxic when taken internally. Handling the fresh herb can cause skin irritation. Hardiness zones: 4-9.

Quality Rue herb seeds packaged by "Seed Needs"
This plant grows to a mature height of around 24 to 36 inches tall
Perennial herbs that can return yearly if the roots are kept in tact
Prefers an area of full sunlight. Best if sown direct or transplanted.
Easy planting instructions printed on each Seed Needs packet along with a colorful picture of the plant.

Whitmor 6008-3770-GRYSTN Easy care Hamper and Laundry Bag, Greystone

Laundry Hampers
This Easy care laundry hamper comes in a fashion color fabric with heavy-duty handles and an internal lightweight metal frame. The contrasting mesh drawstring laundry bag is removable for easy cleaning. Measures 13" x 18" 22.5"

Easy care Hamper
Heavy duty handles
Drawstring bag
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Easy cleaning