Texas Bluff (The Gamblers)

Professional gambler Ty Butler knows he should keep moving to stay ahead of the killers who wiped out his family and are now gunning for him. But when a serious card player finds a challenging game in an honest house, he wants to stay awhile.For Butler, a certain gambling hall is paradise—though the emporium's notorious owner, Little Luke Short, can't seem to steer clear of Hell's Half Acre, a corrupt and festering boil in the middle of Fort Worth. Short's been waging an ongoing war with a crooked kingpin, and now he's making it Ty's fight as well. The stakes get higher when the criminal is murdered and the law comes gunning for Little Luke. But Ty Butler recognizes a bluff when he sees one—not to mention the unmistakable hand of a hired killer. He may end up taking a bullet, but he's not cashing out of this game until real justice is done.

Optx 20/20 Fashionable Reading Glasses, Black/Red

Eye Care
FashionReaders offer a classic eye shape design in bold, expressive colors. Model "Yellowstone" features dual color crystal frame effect with color coordinated, leather-stitched temples. Protective carrying case included. Available in +1.00, +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50.

Fashionreaders +250 with leather temples and bonus case
Leather temples
Colorful frame