Sleepover Sleuths: 1 (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew)

Eight-year-old Nancy Drew has her first case to crack! Can you help? Nancy and her two best friends, George and Bess, are so excited! They have been invited to Deirdre's sleepover party! There will be pizza, cake, and even a pajama fashion show. But the most exciting thing is that the party has a City Girls doll theme. All of the guests are bringing their dolls with them! But then Deirdre's City Girls doll -- Hollywood Heather -- goes missing. Is her sleepover ruined? Or is there a detective in the room who can make sense of this mystery?

Bodum Chambord Espresso Maker 24-oz.

Home & Kitchen
All you have to do is pour fresh water in the water container up to the MAX mark, insert the funnel-shapped filter and fill it with fine ground coffee, tighten the lower and the upper container and put it on the stove, regardless of its type. As the water starts to boil, the steam creates the exact needed pressure to gradually force through the ground coffee beans, reaching the upper container. And voila, your perfect espresso is ready. The flavors from the ground coffee are efficiently extrected resulting in a exceptionally strong and rich brew. The safety valve provides the necessary release if the pressure gets too high, while the silicone gasket ensures a tightly closed unit and allows for pressure to safely build up in the lower section. The mirror-polished stainless steel construction of the pot features the typical Chambord design. The water container is broader than the slim upper part ornated with the disctinctive Chambord domed lid and knob on top. The retro handle is made of black bakelite, and is heat resistant and durable. All parts are dishwasher safe.