Froggys Fog - Swamp Juice(R) (Extreme Hang Time Longest Lasting Fog Fluid) - 4 Gallon Case

Fog Machines
Froggys Swamp Fog Juice is a water based fog machine fluid formulated to create an extremely long lasting / super long hang time fog. When you hear about Froggy's Fog, you almost always hear the words Swamp Juice as well. It is being used by thousands of theme parks, haunted attractions, laser tags, skating rinks, family entertainment centers, nightclubs and in many more places. It has been featured on the TV Show "World's Greatest..." as the World's Greatest Fog and Froggys Fog has even won the International Association of Haunted Attractions Vendor Excellence Award for all the great things Swamp Juice has done for the Haunted Attractions Industry. Some of our great clients are Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and Six Flags. Swamp Juice has also been used by the military in Urban Warfare Training Centers and by Police and Fire Departments for Simulated Smoke Training. It is perfect for so many applications they are hard to name, but if you want an extremely long lasting fog with great dispersion properties, and does not have an obnoxious odor this is it. Froggys Swamp Fog Juice can be used in any water based fog machine. It is made from the highest quality pharmaceutical grade chemicals and with the amazing results you will see from this fluid, it makes Froggys Swamp Fog Juice the perfect alternative to high priced retail fog fluids. All Froggys Fog and Haze Fluids are made from lab-grade UV-Filtered de-ionized water and pharmaceutical grade chemicals, each approved by the FDA. Warning! Not for internal consumption. Use in a properly ventilated area. In rare cases, vapor from this fluid may be irritating to some persons with allergic sensitivity. Do not expose at close range to known asthmatics. Manufacturer, Distributor and Dealers disclaim any liability for misuse of this product.

Extremely Long Lasting Fog Fluid - Water Based Fog Juice - 100% American made
Remains clean, dry, and odorless. Leaves little to no residues or contamination.
Designed for use with any water based fog machine
Odorless, Non-irritating, Non-toxic, Non-flammable
Froggys Fog only uses De-Ionized Water and Pharmaceutical Grade Chemicals, all Approved by the FDA.

Hatco GRS-54-I Glo-Ray Heated Shelf, Free-Standing, Adj Therm, 800 W, 54 in, Each

Floating Shelves
Glo-Ray Heated Shelf, Free-Standing, 54'' W, 19 1/2'' D, with adjustable thermostat, aluminum base, stainless steel top, 800 watts, 4'' legs.

Hatco GRS-54-I Glo-Ray Heated Shelf, Free-Standing, Adj Therm, 800 W, 54 in