Gaggia 90901 Platinum Swing Up Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Island

Super-Automatic Espresso Machines
The Gaggia Platinum Swing Up super automatic machine takes great brewing out of the hands of professional baristas, and brings it right into the comfort of your own home. The stainless steel boiler assures Rapid Steam function for quick brewing and steaming, and with the stainless steel front panel, the Gaggia Platinum Swing Up is sure to create a great display no matter where it’s located. An LCD screen boasts a multitude of programming options, such as coffee dosage, pre-infusion, aroma strength, temperature, cleaning/rinsing cycles, and more. It also provides alerts and notifications for descaling and other maintenance steps. Don’t forget – you can create foam and steamed milk for cappuccinos, lattes, Americano's, and macchiatos using the Pannarello frothing wand or make it hands of with the Milk Island. A great addition to any kitchen, you can place your demitasse cups on the active cup warmer to create an impressive display. LCD Digital Display and Swing Up Touch Ring make brewing effortlessly simple. This control panel also provides alerts and programming options for the menu language, water hardness, acoustic alerts, water filter replacement, rinsing cycle, active cup warmer, and clock settings. Included Aqua Prima water filter ensures fresh-tasting espresso.

Automatic espresso machine with digital LCD screen and user-friendly controls
15-bar pump pressure; stainless-steel-lined boiler; built-in ceramic burr grinder
Bypass doser for preground coffee; cup warmer; removable brew group
57-ounce removable water tank; Pannarello steam wand and Milk Island included
Measures 12-3/5 by 16-1/3 by 14-4/7 inches

Shorn (The Sky Seekers)

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